This site was originally built to serve lecture material for @nordlund's FIN 4820 course at LSU.

Material on this site is published from Jupyter notebooks using the excellent Jupyter Book project. An easy way to get started using live versions of these notebooks is with Google Colaboratory.

At the end of this book, users will be presented with an investment game to test their skills. The goal of the game is to maintain a profitable portfolio of leases with a simulated set of businesses. Users construct contracts to rent hypothetical real estate to businesses. These businesses may default! Rental agreements specify an annual rent and lease duration; all transactions occur on a private Etheruem blockchain. Users will:

  1. import historical financial data for a number of simulated businesses
  2. augment quantitative data with textual information about those businesses (simulated tweets and annual reports)
  3. construct pro forma statements to forecast cash flows of businesses
  4. submit bids for lease agreements
  5. monitor transactions on the blockchain; public transaction records allows for strategic behavior!